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If you’ve already had complete A/C maintenance service and inspection from our professionals, you should have an air conditioning unit that’s ready to provide quality cooling performance. However, there will always be some problems that might disturb your cooling comfort.

So, what are these? We provided a list of some early symptoms to identify if you need prompt A/C repair service:


4 Early Symptoms of a Malfunctioning A/C Unit

 If you want to find out if you have a potential A/C malfunction on hand, it’s important to be aware of the early warning signs. That way, you’ll have enough time if it’s time to call for an A/C repair in Levittown, PA.

Read on to learn more about these warning signs.


Your A/C Unit Making Unusual Sounds

If you’ve had your A/C unit for quite a while now, then you’re probably familiar with the sound it makes. Most A/C units these days are designed to make little to no sound when it operates.

That’s why if you hear unusual noise from your cooling equipment, such as hissing, grinding, and rattling sound, then you may need to have a professional A/C repair in technician to have a look at your unit.

You Experience Uneven Cooling Throughout Your Space

Walk around the house and try to find if there are hot spots. If you find that some rooms are comfortable and cool, while some feel a bit hotter than normal, this may indicate that there’s something wrong with your A/C unit.

Uneven cooling is not a rare occurrence. Whenever your A/C unit isn’t evenly circulating cool and conditioned air, this is usually a sign that your equipment is starting to lose cooling power. When this happens, we highly suggest calling your trusted A/C repair service provider in Levittown, PA to have your unit inspected.

Your A/C Compressor is Short-Cycling

Your A/C unit has a cooling cycle that normally lasts longer than 15 minutes. During this time, your air conditioner’s compressor starts up, cools the house based on the thermostat setting, and then cycles itself back down.

Now, when your A/C unit’s compressor is turning on and off several times in a short span, this means that your cooling system is short cycling. Several factors often cause this, including dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, incorrect size of the unit, compressor problems, etc.

Best to turn off your unit and call a professional A/C repair in Levittown, PA right away.

Water Leaks in Your Indoor Unit

Dripping of water because of condensation moisture along the evaporator coil into a dripping pan is normal. However, if the water is dripping out of the A/C unit itself, there’s something wrong.

Have your indoor unit inspected as the drain on the condensate pan may have a blockage, or the pan may have come loose. We don’t recommend the DIY process here as this should only be handled by an expert A/C repair technician in Levittown, PA.

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