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Is your indoor temperature keep changing throughout the day? This may have something to do with your cooling system or other elements connected to it.

JR Michalski Heating & Air provides air conditioning repair in Bristol, PA and the nearby communities. We take your cooling issues seriously—and we conduct a thorough process to identify and solve the problem.

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Effective Ways to Get Balanced Cooling in Your Home

Air balancing is the process of modifying your A/C, ensuring that air is evenly and properly distributed throughout your home. It makes sure that all zones have an equal and correct amount of air transfer and helps you prevent dramatic temperature swings indoors.

Here are the excellent ways to avoid hot and cold spots in your home:

Schedule an A/C Repair Service

You don’t have to guess why your home feels less comfortable—all you need to do is ask for professional assistance. Your technician can inspect your system, identify the root cause of the problem, and fix it.

A/C failures are often the cause of faulty parts, clogged components, or other undetected problems. It only takes a professional technician to solve the issue and balance back your home temperature.

Perform Duct Inspection and Analysis

Your comfort system is new, and your home is well-constructed, and no leaks at all. Why are there still hot and cold spots in your home? The problem probably hides in your ductwork!

Schedule an inspection and analysis with the pros to spot the cracks and holes hiding in your duct. Do this at least once a year or whenever needed.

Check Your Insulation

Your insulation is the never-seen portion of your home, but it is definitely necessary for Bristol’s hot months. So ensure that your insulation is in good working condition. If you suspect that your home insulation is not working well, contact the pros to know if your temperature imbalance has something to do with it.

Schedule a Room-by-Room Load Calculation

A load calculation is a process of measuring the amount of air that each room of your home should get. This is often required before installing a new A/C. If you are positive that your existing system fails to meet your comfort demands, schedule a load calculation with your air conditioning company in Bristol, PA.

Measure the Air Blown by Your Vent

A/C professionals can use a state-of-the-art device to determine the amount of air allowed by your vent into every room. The acquired result will then be compared to the load calculation to determine which room needs more air and which one needs less.

But if it’s not the vent that causes the problem, then it may be your A/C. Your technician will conduct an air conditioning repair in Bristol, PA to solve it.

Let Us Help You Solve Your Cooling Issues!

When you experience a temperature imbalance in your home or yourA/C suddenly acts up for unknown reasons, we are the right experts to talk to.

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