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January 29, 2020

Signs That Your Commercial HVAC Needs Repair

Signs That Your Commercial HVAC Needs Repair

A properly-functioning HVAC in your office is great and all but when it fails, your employees, customers, and you will suffer. When this happens, you can expect low productivity and high operating cost. So how do you know when your commercial HVAC system needs repair?

Take a little time and see any of these signs:

Uneven Temperatures

If some areas of your office are not getting warm, then something is wrong with the system. Some of the potential causes could be an obstructed airflow, duct leaks, and wrong HVAC size. In that case, calling in the experts is the best and reliable option. They can quickly fix the problem before it gets worse.

Unpleasant Odors

When the unit begins to produce odd smells like a gas leak, burned dust, or musty odor, it indicates a serious problem. It is possible that your filter is clogged with dirt or there are broken components in the system. These intolerable smells could put your health and safety in jeopardy.  

Short Cycling

Short cycling means that the HVAC turns itself on and off over and over. This issue is usually a result of a damaged compressor, an oversized unit, or a faulty thermostat. Check first if the thermostat has a right temperature setting and replace the batteries if necessary. Otherwise, call the pros for a fast and reliable solution.

Stuffy Air

Are you having difficulty breathing in your office? Or have you noticed some of your employees are getting sick? Your HVAC filter or register could be full of airborne contaminants that can trigger allergies and other respiratory ailments. Give your unit a professional cleaning, including the air ducts.

Skyrocketing Energy Bill

An unusual spike in your energy usage could also indicate an HVAC malfunction. Clogged filters, refrigerant leak, and compressor failure can cause strain in the unit, forcing it to work harder. This can increase the frequency of repairs and shorten your unit’s lifespan. To prevent such an awful situation, consider these basic maintenance tasks:

  • Change the filter regularly.
  • Avoid blocking the vents and registers. Keep them clean and clear.
  • Schedule an HVAC tune-up.
  • Get a professional duct cleaning.

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